• DDS 2.0

Dell Design System (DDS) 2.0 - Available Now!

Introducing Version 2.0

The Dell Design System (DDS) 2.0 is a reimagination of our existing design system. Developed using the holistic approach embraced by the Dell Digital Way, the DDS empowers product and marketing teams to unify the customer experience.

By providing reusable foundations, components, and patterns, DDS enables teams to create brand-approved, data-driven, human-centered, accessible experiences for all Dell audiences. It provides guidance, ensures consistency, and ultimately, allows us to efficiently scale and craft end-to-end customer journeys that solve problems.

DDS is a living system maintained by a dedicated team and will continue to grow with the support of the entire Dell community. We're excited to make version 2.0 available to all teams across Dell Technologies.

Explore DDS 2.0
A woman sitting in a desk using a Dell laptop with the DDS Figma file showing the font ramp of the Dell Design System. Next to her laptop there is a sketchbook with a pen on top of it.



A space for teams across Dell to collaborate and contribute to our product ecosystem.

A single source of truth

Empowering teams with the resources they need including Brand-approved foundations and guidelines for digital experiences.


100% of components conform to WCAG AA accessibility standards.

New code and UI kits

Tools to build better products faster.